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  • Photoresist


    Color resist is a sensitizing solution that can form fine color pixels as a photoresist containing coloring components. It is formed using semiconductor etching technology and is a key material that has a significant impact on the color and image quality of displays such as LCD and OLED.

  • Process Chemistry

    Process Chemistry

    It is a basic material that allows the process to proceed normally by removing unnecessary photoresist from the nozzle during the display manufacturing process or cleaning the coater lip, etc.

  • Sealing Resin

    Sealing Resin

    It is a sealant used for the purpose of preventing light leakage and for impact protection at the edge of the display panel due to the spread of narrow bezel or bezel-less designs in the flat display market.

  • CNT ESD Material

    CNT ESD Material

    Anti-static agents are used in various applications such as films, bags, and trays for the purpose of preventing the damage of electronic components due to static electricity.

  • Transparent materials for display

    Transparent materials for display

    It is a dual system product with properties of both UV curing and heat curing, and it is possible to realize high resolution and high reliability, allowing it to be applied to OLED devices and flexible devices.

  • Inkjet Printing Materials

    Inkjet Printing Materials

    Encapsulation Ink for Flexible OLED is a product for the application of the inkjetting process that is applied to protect OLED displays and realize flatness.

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Development of LCD & OLED positive photoresist
Development of color resists for LCD & OLED mobiles and TVs
Development of transparent material and ink-jet materials for LCD & OLED
OLED mobile manufacturing process that requires transparent materials and the ink-jet process
LCD & OLED color filter process
High-performance photoresist that can be used for the overall display array processes


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